How to count the Crabbet % of your horse

To work out any horses' percentage of anything (e.g. Crabbet, Polish, Russian etc.), you add the percentages of the parents and divide them by two.
If you don't know their percentages then you have to work back through the ancestors until you do know, and then work back down the pedigree to your horse.

It is easiest to print off the pedigree from and then write the percentages on as you calculate them.


But remeber that it isn't 100% truth all that is at allbreed pedigree.

Let's have an example:
Horse 1 is 95% Crabbet and have a foal by Horse 2 that is 80% Crabbet.
95+80=175 and 175/2=87,5 so the foal will be 87,5% Crabbet.


If you go back to a horse that was bred at Crabbet Park it was 100% Crabbet.

If a horse without any lines to Crabbet was bred to the horse with 100% Crabbet, the foal got (100+0)/2=50% Crabbet-lines.